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Please use our online enrolment form. Applications become valid upon receipt of the school’s written confirmation.


Courses (Florence + Elba):

An advance payment of 20% of the cost of the course + enrolment fee must be sent together with the enrolment form. The balance must be paid upon receipt of the written confirmation or, at the latest, on the first day of the course.

Payment must be effected directly to the school by means of either: cash / bank transfer (all bank charges to be met by the sender) / credit cards.

Accommodation Florence: a service in finding accommodation for all students regularly enrolled is offered. Rooms are reserved from Sunday prior to course date until Saturday after course ends. Fees must be paid within the first 3 days in cash directly to the landlord. Notification of a change in accommodation must be given thirty days in advance.

Accommodation Elba: if hotel accommodation is booked through the Centro Fiorenza housing office the student will receive a booking confirmation. Hotels usually ask for a credit card to hold the reservation (name of credit card holder, credit card number and expiry date are requested). Payment must be made at the end of the stay by credit card, cash or an advance bank transfer directly at the hotel or agency.

Tourist Tax in Florence: The amount of this tax depends on the category and structure of a hotel, residence or independent apartment. For example: The tax for a 3-Star-Hotel amounts to EUR 4/day, payable for a maximum of 7 days. The tax is not included in the price and must be paid at the end of the stay in cash.


Courses (Florence + Elba): Must be notified in writing to the school office.

Before the course starts:
For cancellations sent at least 30 days before the course starts: the entire sum, less the enrolment fee will be refunded.
For cancellations sent 29 to 15 days before the course starts: the enrolment fee and 20% of the course (up to 8 weeks) will be forfeited.
For cancellations giving less than 14 days' notice, enrolment fee + 50% of the course (up to 8 weeks) will be forfeited.

After the course starts:
No refunds are made for cancellations or to students leaving before the end of a course or starting later.
For long term courses (more than 8 weeks) the school will issue, for the balance, a credit note valid for 12 months.
Deposits and fees are not transferable from person to person.
Exceptions will be made at the school’s discretion in special cases (serious illness, accident, etc.)

Accommodation Florence: down payments are usually requested for accommodations in hotels, residences and independent apartments. In case of a short-term-cancellation, hotels, residences and apartment owners reserve the right to keep a penalty according to their general conditions.
No penalty is charged for accommodation in host families and shared student apartments if cancellations are communicated 4 weeks prior to the course starting date.
Accommodation Elba: When booking accommodation on Elba students accept the cancellation policy of the hotel or apartment chosen.

Group Courses

In case the minimum number of participants (3) for group courses is not reached the school reserves the right to transform group lessons into a reduced number of individual lessons.

Course Changes

If a change of type or date of course is required, the student must notify the registration office at least 30 days before the beginning of the course. Other changes rest at the discretion of the school.


Students coming from countries that require a visa to study abroad need to contact the Italian embassy in their home country beforehand to complete formalities.
A certificate of enrolment issued by the school is one of the requirements for obtaining a visa.
In order to receive a certificate of enrolment the student must pay the full tuition fees.
In case of refusal, students have to inform the school in writing, before the course starts, giving evidence of the rejection of the Italian Embassy.
Only in this case the fees will be refunded less € 250 for secretarial expenses.


We advise students to take out medical and personal insurance before leaving their home country.


The school remains closed on Italian public holidays. Lessons for group language courses are not made up and there is no refund for these days.


The school is not liable for the loss of property on its premises.

Use of Personal Data

Centro Fiorenza uses personal data in agreement with the European directive and Italian law (D.L. nr. 196 - 30.06.2003), this includes the conservation of the data as files for possible promotional campaigns.
Comments and photos portraying students may be used by the school for advertising purposes.
The personal data must be cancelled, upon request, at any moment.

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